Nixle: Testing Voice Dialing


How should Nixle's voice dialing system be tested?

What should an agency be aware of when using the Nixle Dial system?


Attached is a document that contains a customizable template for use in the testing of Nixle's voice dialing system.

An agency should be aware of the following when using the Nixle Dial system:

  • Ensure a microphone is enabled to record your voice message. If you do not have access to a microphone, your messages can still be converted using the Text-to-Speech function. For information on allowing the Nixle website access to your computer's microphone, please see the following article: Accessing Microphone for Nixle Message Voice Recording.
  • Only the Alert level message type can be used to reach your reverse-911 Nixle Dial group. This group is unavailable for Advisory and Community level messages.
  • Alert level messages require the SMS, email and voice delivery paths in order to be sent.
  • Assistance in analyzing message results can be requested by contacting support at
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