Nixle: Creating Message Templates


How can I create a Nixle message template?


To create a message template, follow the steps listed below:

Nixle Message Template
  1. Log in to your agency at
  2. Create a public or private group. For steps on group creation, please see the following article: Creating a Nixle Group.
  3. Create the desired message for the template and send it to the newly created group. For steps on message creation, please see the following article: Creating New Nixle Engage & Nixle 360 Messages.
  4. To use the template, choose Message Center from the menu bar.
  5. Choose Sent Messages from the sub-menu bar.
  6. Use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner to find the message to use as a template.
  7. Choose Message as Template.
  8. Select the desired groups to send the message to.
  9. Preview and send the message.
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