Nixle: Nixle & Internet Explorer Compatibility View


Should Internet Explorer Compatibility View be enabled or disabled when accessing the Nixle Support Center?


Compatibility View helps correct display issues found in later versions of the Internet Explorer web browser. It is highly recommended to disable the Compatibility View option for This is also important for your subscribers trying to access

Follow these steps to disable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer:

  1. From IE, press Alt on your keyboard to display the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose Tools, then choose Compatibility View settings.
  3. From the Compatibility View Settings window, make sure that is NOT listed.
    1. If is listed, then select the listing, then choose the Remove button.
  4. Also make sure is NOT listed.
    1. If is listed, select the listing, then choose the Remove button.
  5. Choose the Close button to complete the process.
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