Nixle: Geographic Filtering ZIP Codes


How could a resident receive a message if they live outside of the geofiltered shape used in the message?


Geographic Filtering Custom Area

Using geofiltering (such as creating a custom shape or defining a point and radius) determines the residents that will receive the email and SMS messages based on the ZIP code they submitted when subscribing to an agency.

Any subscribed resident of any ZIP code will receive an email or SMS message if the geofiltered shape includes any portion of the ZIP codes.

Example ZIP Codes

For example, residents subscribed to the 90027, 90028, and 90029 ZIP codes would all receive the message for the custom shape shown above.

To only reach subscribers who reside in the same custom shape, a voice message would have to be sent to the Nixle Dial group, which utilizes the geocoded E911 data for resident subscribers.

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