Two Factor Verification



  • What is two factor verification used for?
  • How does two factor verification affect an agency user or administrator?
  • Why is two factor verification still happening when I use the same device or browser?


Nixle is dedicated to ensure that agencies' published messages are from an authentic source and not the result of falsified credentials or compromised accounts.

The two factor verification process explained in greater detail follows:

  1. An agency user or administrator logs in to their agency website from an unrecognized device or internet browser.
  2. The agency user or administrator chooses to send a verification code to either an email account under their control or to a mobile phone in their possession.
  3. The agency user or administrator receives the code and then enters it with their login credentials on the agency website.

Up to twenty devices and/or browsers will remain recognized by the Nixle system. If a twenty-first device is used to successfully log in to the agency website, the first device or browser will no longer be recognized and two factor verification will be required again when accessing the agency website. To remove browser or device recognition, you must exceed the twenty-device limit until the desired browser or device is no longer recognized.

If a device or browser is not remaining recognized after logging in, enable cookies for the browser used to access the agency. The following article explains how to enable cookies:  What domain should my organization allow so it can receive email notifications from Nixle.

Please email with any further questions regarding two factor verification.

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