Nixle: How to Apply for Access to IPAWS-OPEN (MOA Attached)


How to apply for access to IPAWS-OPEN in order to use Nixle to publish WEA and EAS alerts.


IPAWS stands for "Integrated Public Alert & Warning System."

To apply for access to IPAWS-OPEN follow the instructions found on the FEMA website for Alert Origination Software Providers (AOSPs). Note that developers are encouraged to test their products in the IPAWS-OPEN development environment to ensure they are IPAWS-compatible. If compatible, developers must execute a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with FEMA to gain access to the IPAWS-OPEN development environment. See attached.

Please email the completed MOA to and indicate "Developer MOA Application" in the subject line.

NOTE: There is a broken URL in the MOA,, which has been reported to FEMA.

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