Nixle: Nixle Outreach Internal Memo; A Customizable Template for Use in the Distribution of Information About Nixle to Communities


Nixle Outreach Internal Memo; a customizable template for use in the distribution of information about Nixle to communities.


This Knowledge Base Article contains a customizable Nixle Outreach Internal Memo Template for use in the distribution of information about Nixle to communities. Below is the template with the customizable fields defined in brackets (< >). Attached is a downloadable template with the customizable fields in red.

Internal Memo:

Subject: New 'Nixle' Community Information Service

<Insert Agency Name Here> will launch a new notification service called Nixle this week to improve communication with those who live, work, and visit our area.

The system provides a quick, efficient, and secure way to get neighborhood-level information out to our community members who subscribe to the system. The department will be able to send text message and email alerts to subscribers in our area.

Notifications might be considered in the following instances:

  • A young child or adult with Alzheimer’s disease walks away from their home. The Nixle alert can include a picture of the child or adult with a map identifying the area in which they were last seen.
  • A public safety emergency requires people to stay in or remain away from their homes. A Nixle message can let residents with a registered address in the affected area know what is happening, allowing residents to take a proactive role in their own safety.
  • A serious injury or fatal crash in which traffic investigators close down the intersection for several hours during the morning commute. This situation might warrant a notification to subscribers who live or work in the area to select an alternative route.
  • Other use cases:
    • Large-scale public works projects
    • Traffic mitigation
    • Community events such as parades, picnics or fundraisers
    • Utility outages
    • Boil water orders

Through Nixle, we will deliver messages securely to residents by email and text message, supporting and expanding our community outreach efforts.

The system will be most effective when we gain a large number of resident subscribers. Please spread the word about our use of Nixle and add this information to the bottom of your email signature: "Up to the minute updates from city agencies by email and cell phone. Sign up at"

Nixle is a secure communications service available to municipal, county and state government agencies. The system is available at no cost to our citizens (standard messaging rates apply).

If you have suggestions for potential Nixle publications that might interest citizens, please share them with <Insert Contact Name Here> by email or phone. Residents can receive technical and non-technical assistance directly from Nixle sending email to

Nixle Internal Memo
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