Nixle: Nixle Outreach Taglines; A Customizable Template for Use in the Distribution of Information About Nixle to Communities


Nixle Outreach Taglines; a customizable template for use in the distribution of information about Nixle to communities.


This Knowledge Base Article contains a customizable Nixle Outreach Taglines Template for use in the distribution of information about Nixle to communities. Below is the template with the customizable fields defined in brackets (< >). Attached is a downloadable template with the customizable fields in red.

Nixle Taglines:

Use Nixle tag lines when you want to promote the system, but don't have much room to do it! Great for utility bills, e-mail signatures, city newsletters and more!

Up-to-the-minute updates from city agencies by email and cell phone: 

Trusted neighborhood information - register for city updates at

Important city advisories available 24 hours a day online at 

Alerts and community information online now at 

Official up-to-the-minute neighborhood information - register to receive by email and cell phone at!

Construction and road closure updates by email and text message - go to 

<Insert Agency Name Here> & Nixle: partners in community information. Find out what's happening in your neighborhood at

Stay up-to-date on happenings in your neighborhood. Sign up for official emails from the city at!

Email & text message updates about the areas you live, work, and visit. Go to to register for official city information.

Nixle Taglines
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