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Everbridge is committed to helping our clients achieve and maintain performance excellence. As part of our commitment, it is our goal to improve the Nixle services by managing and resolving your technical inquiries. The purpose of this document is to communicate the support options and processes, and to effectively manage service expectations.

The following technical support services are available to clients using Nixle Connect:

  • Our self-service Support Center, available 24x7x365.
  • Unlimited email support from the Nixle Technical Support team during business hours (6AM-5PM PT, Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays).
  • A response to support cases will be provided by the Technical Support team within three business days.


Support Center

Email Support

Initial Case Response

Live Phone Support

Nixle Connect

unlimited access

unlimited access

within 3 business days

not offered

Nixle Engage, Nixle 360, and Nixle for Business

unlimited access

unlimited access

within 1 business day

limited to 1 call a month during business hours

The following technical support services are available to clients using Nixle Engage, Nixle 360, and Nixle for Business:

  • Our self-service Support Center, available 24x7x365.
  • Unlimited email support from the Nixle Technical Support team during business hours (6AM-5PM PT, Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays).
  • A response to support cases will be provided by the Technical Support team within one business day.
  • Live telephone support during business hours (6AM-5PM PT, Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays).
  • One technical support call per month is provided with your paid Nixle product subscription at no additional cost. Additional technical support calls are billed at $75 per call.

NOTE: this services guide applies to users of the Nixle solutions. Only English language technical support is provided at this time.

Nixle Technical Support Contact Information

From within the Nixle solution, choose the Support button to open the Support Center, where you can access contact information, instructional materials, promotional materials, and more.

Contact Method

Contact Address/Number

Nixle Technical Support Email

United States Toll-Free Technical Support


Support Case Management

Our team aims to answer all support phone calls immediately, and to triage support cases submitted via email or the Support Center within one to three business days, as outlined above.

When submitting a support case, you can expect to receive an email notification that a case has been created. The notification will include the case number, the name of the Technical Support team member or tier assigned to the case, a summary of the inquiry, and the priority level that has been assigned.

Assigning Support Case Priority

Priority 4: Low

General product questions, configuration assistance, or enhancement requests.

Priority 3: Medium

Non-critical technical issues for some or all of your users where a workaround is available and notifications can still be sent.

Priority 2: High

Critical technical issues for all of your users, issues without a workaround, or issues causing delays in your notifications.

Priority 1: Urgent

For system unavailability across your organization where notifications cannot be sent and no workarounds are available.

During the case triage process, the Technical Support team will work with you to obtain as much troubleshooting information as possible, open and assign a priority level to your case, then proceed with additional troubleshooting activities as necessary. For complex inquiries, we may need to escalate your ticket to the next tier as defined below.

Technical Support Tiers

Tier 1

Rapid response to inbound support requests and initial investigation for more complex issues.

Tier 2

If needed, the Tier 1 team may submit your case to Tier 2 further investigation.  The Tier 2 team generally performs additional investigation offline and follows up with you via phone or email.

Tier 3

If needed, both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 support techs may escalate to "Tier 3" by partnering with other Everbridge teams such as Quality Assurance or our Cloud Operations Engineering team.

Support will set your expectations as to when you will receive the next update on your case. If an expected update time frame is not known, you will still receive updates on your case on a regular basis. You may also request that your case be escalated at any time, if (for example) you feel an unreasonable amount of time has passed since opening your case with no resolution. To escalate your case, simply contact the Technical Support team and ask to speak with the Support Manager.

Nixle Support Center

The Nixle Support Center provides quick access to all of our Nixle solution documentation to find training and answers to any questions you may have. To access the Support Center from within the Nixle solution, choose the Support button from the upper-right of the page.

NOTE: content available on the Support Center varies by Nixle solution. Not all types of content are available for all Nixle products.


Our knowledge base is full of articles created by the Technical Support team from real support cases, as well as reference material representing the shared knowledge of the other Everbridge teams, such as official product user manuals and implementation guides.

  • Access all official product guides in a centralized location.
  • Find answers to questions asked by other users pertaining to best practices, steps to perform a specific task, or workarounds to any known issues.

The Nixle Support Center offers a growing library of over 80 minutes of training across 20 courses. Administrators and users can watch and listen to animated lessons in order to become an expert on the entire platform, or just get a quick refresher on a key subject. The online courses contain lessons that are focused on a task and are 10 minutes or less in length.

  • New team members can get their training without waiting for a class or webinar to be scheduled.
  • Rather than trying to find a topic in a webinar that can run an hour or more, the modular training provides specific key training areas for quick review.
  • Viewers can easily fast forward or rewind to pin point what they need to know.

Under the Training tab you can also find assistance when starting with Nixle and to increase your knowledge and expertise as your needs evolve.

  • New agencies can download onboarding checklists to make sure your Nixle launch goes smoothly and that all of your needs are met.
  • Agencies can access official user guides for all Nixle products to train new users or find step-by-step instructions on using your Nixle solution.
  • Additional product guides and video training sessions are also maintained here to help you get the most out of Nixle for your organization.

Let us do most of the work for you when it comes to informing your organization and community about how you will be using Nixle. Choose the Promotion tab to find the following:

  • Download print materials including promo flyers, posters, doorhangers, and additional branding material.
  • Copy and edit HTML code that you can place on your website to make it easy for your community to register for your organization.
  • Access our collection of customizable templates to help you distribute information about Nixle to your communities.
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