Nixle: Nixle Outreach Welcome Message; A Customizable Template for Use in the Distribution of Information About Nixle to Communities


Nixle Outreach Welcome Message; a customizable template for use in the distribution of information about Nixle to communities.


This Knowledge Base Article contains a customizable Nixle Outreach Welcome Message Template for use in the distribution of information about Nixle to communities. Below is the template with the customizable fields defined in brackets (< >). Attached is a downloadable template with the customizable fields in red.

Welcome Message:

Nixle recommends sending a "Welcome Message" when you sign on to the service. Use it to let citizens already registered know your agency is online and tell new subscribers what to expect. Resident- customer support service information is also listed. Modify the language below as necessary.

SMS/Text Message

Stay connected to your town! Receive important information and updates from <Insert Agency Name Here> through Nixle.

Email/Web Message

Residents of <Insert Location Name Here>can now receive important, official information directly from <Insert Agency Name Here> through Nixle. Messages will be delivered by email, SMS text message, and over the web.

Notification may include: <Insert Sample Message Here>

Information can be received online and through email. Residents can receive messages by phone as part of their text messaging plan- otherwise standard text message rates apply. The system is simple to use and provides an easy sign-up process. Register now and learn more at

Nixle is built exclusively to provide secure and reliable communications. Its authenticated service connects city agencies to citizens in real-time, delivering geographically targeted information to residents.

Citizen questions about the service and its capabilities can be answered through our Frequently Asked Questions page found at Should you need additional assistance, Nixle provides free citizens support. Email any questions to

Nixle Welcome Message
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