Nixle: Adding Voice Messages to a Nixle Account


How can I ensure my voice messages are delivered to all of my contacts?


If a contact has already subscribed to Nixle via text, then they will have "No Voice Msgs" configured on their account by default. However, inputting the contact with a mobile and/or home number will enable voice messages for them (as of the Nixle Summer 2016 release). If you find a contact that is not receiving your voice notification, the resident can login to to update their account settings, or you can update their contact information for them.

Solution for Residents:


Your Nixle account preferences are managed at If you subscribed to Nixle via text and do not have a Nixle account, text the word PASSWORD to 888777 to receive a temporary password, then login to

  1. Login to
  2. Under Voice Messages, select your Home and/or Cell number.
  3. Choose the Save button to save your settings.

Solution for Agency Admins:

  1. Follow the steps in this KB article to "add contacts by input": Adding New Contacts to a Nixle Group.
  2. When adding the resident's contact information, make sure to include a mobile and/or home phone number.
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