Nixle: Creating a Registration Widget


How can our residents subscribe to our Nixle agency through our website?


Adding a Nixle registration widget to the agency's website is an effective way to drive residents to register for the Nixle agency publications.

The Nixle registration widget will collect the following pieces of information from a subscribing resident:

  • a mobile phone number
  • an email address
  • ZIP code

Follow these steps to create a registration widget:

Registration Widget Create Hub
  1. Log in to the agency at
  2. Choose Collect Contacts from the menu bar
  3. Choose Registration Widgets from the sub-menu bar
  4. Choose Create New Registration Widget
Registration Widget Create Screen
  1. Enter a Widget Name
  2. Select a group from the dropdown menu that residents will be subscribed to upon completing their registration
  3. Set the Widget Height and the Widget Width 
Widget Color Wheel
  1. The Headline text color can be set by clicking Widget Headline Color Icon
  2. Choose a headline text color by clicking and dragging the mouse in the primary color square on the left-hand side
    • A specific hex triplet can be entered in the # field
    • The RGB and HSB values can be adjusted by either clicking and dragging the Color Level Grabber icon up or down, or by entering a number in the value field
    • The color spectrum column can be adjusted by sliding the Right Point CarrotLeft Point Carrot​ level up or down
  3. Click outside of the color square to apply the selected color to the widget
  4. Choose Preview Widget to view how the widget will appear on the website
  5. To make any additional changes to the widget, choose Edit Widget
  6. Choose Save Widget and Generate Code to access the HTML code for the widget
  7. Copy and paste the code for the widget into the website's HTML
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