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How is Google integrated with Nixle?

How can my agency's messages be broadcast by Google?


If a public safety agency issues a Common Alert Protocol-compliant alert message using Nixle publication, the message may qualify for publication to Google Public Alerts. Qualifying messages are automatically sent to Google for publication on their Public Alerts platform.

Messages which adhere to the following guidelines have an increased chance of Google broadcast, and simultaneously improve the quality of information viewed by millions of current and future subscribers nationwide:

  • An alert message's event and severity selections accurately reflect the content of the message's headline and body.
  • A message's headline and body are properly spaced and formatted.
  • Abbreviations are not utilized in the message content.
  • Message content is not typed in ALL CAPS.
  • The message expiration is accurately set. The message expiration conveys how long the information in the message is relevant (e.g., a severe weather alert for the next hour would have a message expiration of one hour). The message expiration does not affect how long the message is displayed on the Nixle Wire, but informs residents of the content's validity.
  • A message includes any instructions residents need to follow.
  • A message includes any applicable images (e.g., a recent photo of a missing person).

Messages approved for Google broadcast can be seen when directly searched for on Google Search and Google Maps.

The Nixle team continues to work with Google and other partners to provide timely, need-to-know information to the communities we serve.

For more information on Google Public Alerts, please visit

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