Registering Without a ZIP Code


Are residents required to provide their ZIP code when they register for Nixle by text message?


  • A core objective of the Nixle platform is providing residents information from all available public safety agencies in their area (police, fire, emergency management). Registering by ZIP code guarantees a resident will receive crucial information from these agencies.
  • Groups can only be created on the Nixle Engage and the Nixle 360 platforms.

A resident is not required to provide their ZIP code if an agency has a keyword enabled for registration. With a keyword enabled, residents who text that keyword to 888777 will only be subscribed to that specific agency instead of all agencies who are in that resident's ZIP code.

Creating Group Without ZIP Code

To create a group that requires only a keyword to register, log in to your agency and follow these steps:

  1. Choose Groups from the menu bar.
  2. Choose Public Groups from the sub-menu bar.
  3. Choose Create New Group from the right hand side.
  4. Enter the Group Name.
  5. Enter the group Description.
  6. Assign a Parent Group for this new group, or leave empty to make the new group a parent group.
  7. Check the checkbox next to Use Keyword for Opt-Ins and enter the keyword residents will provide to join the group.
  8. Check the checkbox next to Add Auto-Response (Follow up SMS sent after the user opts in) and enter the message the resident will receive that confirms their registration.
    1. This follow-up message has a limit of 140 characters.
  9. Leave the checkbox next to Ask New Subscribers for their zip code unchecked.
  10. Choose Create Group.

Subscribed residents can manage the agencies they receive notifications from by configuring their account at, or by contacting Keyword opt-ins are not manageable from a resident's account. A resident can stop receiving notifications by texting STOP to 888777.

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