Nixle: Opt In Suggestions


Is it better for residents to opt in or opt out for first-time Nixle subscription?

What are the advantages of opting in versus opting out?


How to best maintain your subscriber base is dependent on not only how your agency will be utilizing Nixle, but on which Nixle platform your agency utilizes.

Nixle Connect

With the Nixle Connect platform, your subscriber base is reliant upon residents opting themselves in by either texting their ZIP code to the 888777 opt-in shortcode or registering through An agency's subscriber base will only grow from resident initiative, as group management and contact importing features are not offered on the Nixle Connect platform. Some strengths of first-time opt in are:

  • Residents who opt in have taken time to familiarize themselves with the Nixle service and know what to expect from it.
  • Voluntary opt ins are more likely to continuously utilize the Nixle service.
  • An agency with effective messaging practices is more likely to continuously increase its subscriber base from resident word of mouth and social media sharing.

Nixle Engage & Nixle 360

With the Nixle Engage and Nixle 360 platforms, group management and contact importing features are available in addition to ZIP code and website registration, so an agency can opt residents in who have provided their phone numbers and email addresses. It is then a resident's decision to opt out or not. Some strengths of the group management features are:

  • Contact management can be executed from the agency's perspective, leaving minimal risk of residents missing crucial messages.
  • An agency can opt residents in beforehand and then contact them to confirm the start of the messaging service.
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