Nixle: Sending a Nixle IPAWS Message


What do each of the IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System) sections do?

Is there a reference guide for IPAWS messages?


Once an agency receives its credentials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to send an IPAWS message, the message must adhere to specific guidelines. The sections below provide further explanation for the IPAWS-specific sections of the message.

Message Categories

IPAWS Message Category Selections

For an IPAWS message, set the appropriate Category and Event, and ensure that the following are selected:

  • Message Type must be Alert.
  • Severity must be Extreme or Severe.
  • Urgency should be Immediate.
  • Certainty should be Observed.


IPAWS SMS Text Message The SMS (Text Message)​ will reach message recipients who have signed up to receive Nixle SMS alerts.


IPAWS Email & Web Message

Text entered in the Email & Web Message Subject will show in the "Subject" line of emails sent to message recipients who have signed up for Nixle emails.

Text entered in the Email & Web Message Body will not only show in emails and the web message, but will also be used for the EAS message that will show on televisions.

Text entered in the Instructions will follow the text for the email and web message, and will also show in the EAS message.


IPAWS Response


The Response should be anything except the following selections:

  • Evaluate the information in this message.
  • The subject event no longer poses a threat or concern and any follow on action is described in CAP Alert <instruction> element.
  • No action recommended.

Event Code

IPAWS Event Code

The Event Code selection must be one your agency is authorized to send.



Text entered in the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) text field will be sent as a text message to all mobile devices in the selected alert area.



Select the Use Text-to-Speech (TTS) radio button and enter text in the EAS (Emergency Alert System) field to deliver an audio message to televisions and radios.

This message is saved as an audio file and will play along with the text that displays on televisions (set in the Email & Web Message Body described above).

Geographic Filtering

IPAWS Geographic Filtering

NOTE: If Custom Area is not selected, the message will be sent to your agency's entire jurisdictional county.

Selecting Custom Area will let you define a specific area to alert by drawing a polygon. Draw, name, and save your polygon, and then select it.

For more information on CAP Fields and IPAWS, please read the following article: Nixle Alert Message CAP Fields & IPAWS.

For more information on sending Nixle messages, please read the following article: Creating New Nixle Engage & Nixle 360 Messages.

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